Umicore sets new standards with its innovative silver brazing alloy BlueBraze: less silver – more brazing

Umicore Technical Materials business line BrazeTec launched BlueBraze at the International Trade Fair Joining Cutting Surfacing in Essen.

Unlike conventional brazing alloys, BlueBraze has a 10% lower proportion of silver. This provides significant cost and environmental benefits. At the same time, Umicore’s engineers ensured that the quality and properties of this new product remained at the same high level as conventional alloys.

It is the first time that a brazing alloy manufacturer has managed to reduce the level of silver significantly and at the same time been able to maintain all existing properties.

Dr. Hartmut Schmoor, Head of BrazeTec, explains: “Markets have been demanding a reduced proportion of silver in brazing alloys for a long time in order to save costs. As a leading supplier of brazing alloys we acted on our customers’ demands and market requirements and developed this truly innovative and sustainable product.”

BlueBraze is a silver brazing alloy with excellent flow characteristics and a low melting point. It is suitable for any steel, copper and copper alloys, nickel and nickel alloys and can be applied to any brazing process as well as to induction heating. The special feature: its silver content is drastically reduced – 10 % by weight compared to an equivalent product. However, BlueBraze offers the same properties and conforms to RoHS and REACH.

For customers using BlueBraze the product offers various advantages, such as a significant cost reduction through the reduced silver content and more rods per kilogram due to a lower density of substitute metals. Additionally, BrazeTec’s innovative brazing alloy offers more planning certainty as a result of reduced customer exposure to silver price fluctuations. BlueBraze is also sustainable – BrazeTec sources a large part of silver for brazing alloys from its in-house precious metals recycling. By both reducing the proportion of silver in BlueBraze alloys and using recycled sources BrazeTec is helping save precious resources.